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By Chris Eger

Helmed by guest hosts and dedicated to the memory of the late R. Lee Ermey, the Outdoor Channel has scheduled a new installment of his show to air Wednesday.
The fourth season of the show centered around various historic firearms is set to launch this week and the network says, “While nobody will ever be able to fill his shoes, we will carry on and follow his explicit orders, and continue to deliver new episodes of GunnyTime.”
The teaser for the first episode includes actors Adam Baldwin, Clifton Collins Jr., Randy Couture and Robert Patrick working alongside weapons experts Gary Archer, Kirsten Joy Weiss, and Shane Coley, among others.
Firepower, as exhibited in the two-minute clip, consists of a Czech ZB37 medium machine gun, a Glock 19X, a dune buggy-mounted M2 Browning, and the Johnson semi-automatic rifle for starters. Ritual slaughter of wayward watermelon, a Godzilla-like reptilian menace, and a red Dodge Neon ensue.
Ermey, best known for his Marine service and subsequent portrayals on-screen in such films as Full Metal Jacket, died in April at age 74.
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