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By Andrew Shepperson

Officers watch over several males, two of which suffering from gunshot wounds, following a felony car stop at 6th Street and Race Street in Philadelphia following a shooting which occurred in the vicinity of 7th & Arch Streets. (Photo: Joseph Kaczmarek/
Philadelphia officials announced Wednesday the formation of a new committee determined to stem the tide of gun violence in the city, which is at the highest level it’s been in five years. On Wednesday, the city tallied 177 homicides, a 16 percent uptick from last year, prompting the newly-formed Special Committee on Gun Violence Prevention to try to attack the problem from multiple angles.
“As a lifetime anti-violence advocate, I know that many gun deaths are the result of bad judgment, desperation, and physical proximity to a deadly weapon,” said Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, committee co-chair.
The committee will be focused on taking a cross-sector approach in trying to slow the city’s gun violence problem. That multi-pronged approach will be represented in the following six subcommittees: Illegal Guns, Public Health/Trauma Informed, Social Services/Opportunity, Intervention/Outreach, Program Review Team, and Victim Advocates.
The six subcommittees hope to address the many different factors that contribute to and aggravate the gun violence problem.
“While any one city is limited in what it


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