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By Chris Eger

Though a mecca for tourists from around the world, New Orleans has a high murder rate and, until recently, a ban on Taser ownership and use. (Photo: Chris Eger/
Following a court challenge in the form of a federal lawsuit on Second Amendment grounds, the Crescent City has lifted its ban on stun guns and tasers.
Gone from the municipal code is a prohibition on the sale, manufacture, purchase, possession or carry of stun guns. The move comes after a lawsuit by resident John Ford who wanted to buy and own a taser for self-defense in a city whose per capita murder rate is among the highest in the nation.
“Historically, stun guns have been banned in the City of New Orleans,” Erin Burns, press secretary for the city and Democrat Mayor Mitch Landrieu, told the Louisiana Record.
Ford filed suit last November against New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Michael S. Harrison in his official capacity hoping to strike the ban. Attorneys for Ford argued that going back to the 1939 Miller case, and more recently Heller and the Supreme Court’s treatment of the Caetano case laid the framework for the challenge.
“Basically in Heller, the court said that Second Amendment rights pertain to ‘all


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