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By Tom Knighton

A lot of football fans are giving the city of New Orleans after the New Orleans Saints’ NFC Championship Game loss. A controversial no-call seemingly gave the game to the Los Angeles Rams, and a lot of people are hating that in the Big Easy.

But New Orleans has other problems far bigger than a football game. It’s a violent city with a sky-high violent crime rate.

With Democrats in firm control, it’s unsurprising they blame guns for the problems in New Orleans. Like a lot of Democratic enclaves, they decided to host a gun buyback program to try and get guns off the street.

It didn’t go well.

LaToya Cantrell‘s gun buyback turned out to be a bust. Previously unmentioned, this painfully liberal effort only had $100,000 total, so only money for 200 people. Small, important details such as this had not been shared.

The Hayride jumped on the fact Cantrell originally said $500 per gun. Then it was modified to $500 max per resident no matter if they turned in one or five guns. As to how it worked, they gave vouchers for guns. The buyback was advertised as cash although one person said he received a …Read the Rest

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