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By Tom Knighton

The terrorist camp in New Mexico seems to have mostly dropped off the media’s radar, as Islamic extremists training to slaughter Americans from within our borders isn’t particularly newsworthy to them. They reported it, but then seemed uninterested in following up on the story where a radical Muslim was training children to carry out a mass shooting in the name of Islam. Thwarted plans aren’t as interesting as those that get carried out, apparently.

However, there’s still information to learn about this, such as how we now know what the target supposedly was.

A handwritten document titled “Phases of a Terrorist Attack.” Talk of confronting and attacking “corrupt” institutions, including Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital. Jokes about dying in jihad. An underground stash of weapons and ammunition.

New court documents revealed these and other details in the case against five adults who lived in squalor with 11 starving children in a ramshackle New Mexico compound.

In a case infused with allegations of abuse and terrorism, prosecutors this week asked a judge to reconsider an order granting bond to all five adults arrested at the compound.

As part of the request, prosecutors on Friday cited not only the …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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