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By Tom Knighton

As noted yesterday, there’s a concerted push throughout the nation on two pieces of legislation. Universal background checks and red flag laws keep popping up as a pair in statehouses.

It’s unsurprising since both tend to have a broad base of support, including among some Republicans, making them among the most likely pieces of legislation to pass.

A third piece of legislation also pops up fairly regularly, though. This one seeks to expand the list of people who are prohibited from owning guns. This list tends to be less controversial than an outright ban, mostly because it’s not palatable to defend some of these people, even if they haven’t committed felonies, which would prohibit them already.

Now, the state of New Mexico will now be debating all three of these measures.

Legislators are pressing ahead with a slate of gun control bills that would require background checks for virtually all firearm sales and add to the categories of offenders who would be prohibited from possessing a gun at all.

Proponents argue these bills will close loopholes and help keep guns out of the hands of those who have committed violent crimes or are in crisis. But critics argue the …Read the Rest

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