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By Tom Knighton

Despite the fact that so many of them hate everything I stand for, I have always had a certain fondness for people who want to change the world. A lot of the time, they’re driven by high-minded ideals and a belief that a single person can make a difference. They step up and ignore all the naysaying thrown their way and push through, trying to make this world better.

That doesn’t mean some of their ideas aren’t bogus, though.

Take the “new” metal called Humanium. I call it “new” rather than new because the metal isn’t some new alloy created by metallurgists. No, it’s a metal made from melting down guns.

What if every time the police confiscated guns, those weapons were melted down and remade into something that benefited the people and communities who had been hurt by gun violence? That’s the premise of The Humanium Metal Initiative, a pro bono campaign from Stockholm creative agencies Great Works and Akestam Holst, which devised a business development strategy to brand melted down guns as a new precious metal. The project, which is now making metal from guns in central America, is the winner of the advertising category …Read the Rest

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