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Mental Gun Health
New Mental Health Laws Discussed This Week on Gun For Hire Radio

New Jersey – -( This week on Gun For Hire Radio… Gianni Pirelli from discusses the new mental health laws and the problems we face. Also, Frank Pugleise and Bella from share their service dog training and how we can help out veterans!

Dr. Perelli “a new law 81181 which was amended to existing law in which a mental health or medical professional had a duty to warn and protect if they believe someone is an imminent threat to themselves or an identifiable third party. This law gave medical professionals immunity from breaking confidentiality.

This amendment requires the same thing but now the mental health or medical professional must call a residential police department and provide non-clinical information like, a college student sees a counselor and the student is suicidal. The counselor convinces the student to go to the hospital for treatment. Now, besides calling the local PD for emergency assistance to get this person to the hospital, this counselor is also obligated to call the student’s residential police department and tell them he/she is suicidal and …Read the Rest

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