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By Ammoland

Firearm Laws for Businesses & Their Customers
Firearm Laws for Businesses & Their Customers

Texas, USA – -( Texas has a one of the most positive “pro-gun” reputations among the states. With this reputation, one would expect that Texas’s gun laws would be minimal and, as many believe, “pretty much anything goes.”

This is not the case. Like most states, Texas has a long history of repressive firearm laws, particularly with regard to carrying firearms off a person’s own property. The first Texas concealed carry bill was passed in 1995.

While significant inroads have been made in Texas’ gun laws since that time, the struggle to overcome prohibitive laws passed almost 150 years ago has proved to be a slow process. While these rights are sometimes reluctantly restored, the legislative process involves the giving with one hand while taking away with the other. As prohibitions are removed, those new laws add multiple conditions and qualifications which are a long way from withstanding the standard that a “law cannot be passed to infringe upon or impair [the right to bear arms], because it is above the law, and independent of the law-making power.” (Cockrum v. State, 24 Tex. 394 (1859), p. 401.)

The most obvious example is the restoration of …Read the Rest

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