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Lapua, producer of premium-quality bullets, brass, and ammo, has released a very impressive new mobile App for hunters. The FREE Lapua Hunt App is available now for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets. This Hunt App can be downloaded for FREE via Google Play and the Apple iOS iStore.
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The App provides ballistics plus mapping and weather reporting. Lapua Hunt really combines the features of other popular hunting Apps with a very sophisticated 6DOF ballistics programs. Lapua Hunt incorporates the product data and advanced ballistics calculator from the excellent Lapua Ballistics App. Lapua states: “Lapua Hunt is the new digital solver for hunters that appreciate ethical hunting, accuracy, and safety. Add your own rifle and reticle, select the best ammo and game category, and you are ready to enjoy your hunting success harvesting game of all sizes.” The basic Hunt App is FREE with all essential functionality. However, additional bonus features are offered for “In-App” purchase.

In Lapua Hunt’s basic calculator view, you can log the wind speed and direction (red needle in the circle), the shooting angle, and

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