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By Dean Weingarten

New Jersey AG Attacks Right to buy Gun Parts & Learn How to Make Guns
New Jersey AG Attacks Right to buy Gun Parts & Learn How to Make Guns

Arizona -( Guns have been made by individuals as long as there have been guns. In the United States, it has always been legal to own the means of production to make your own guns. It has always been legal to make your own. Hobbyists have been making firearms as long as the United States has existed.

The national war on the Second Amendment started in the 1930’s. Passed in 1934, the National Firearms Act required a license to make some guns for commercial sale. A federal tax stamp was required to own short barreled rifles and shotguns, and guns that can fire more than one shot with each pull of the trigger.

New Jersey is one of only six states that does not have a state constitutional amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

The state Attorney General, Gurbir Grewal demanded that unnamed companies stop selling “Ghost Guns” without serial numbers. It is already illegal, under federal law, for a company to make and sell guns without a serial number.

No company is legally selling “Ghost Guns” in New Jersey.

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