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By Jeremy S.


In the very drawn-out process — in fact, I think the wife and I could have made another human being from scratch by now — that has been my target grade AR-15 upper build project, I’ve finally settled on a bolt carrier group. Pictured above is my affordable, no-frills BCG from Linkin Armory. Despite a shipped-to-your-door price of $139.99, it’s packed with every high-end part and feature you could hope for, all from/done/made domestically. The who’s who list of features is sure to impress . . .

From Linkin Armory’s BCG product page:

Bolt – Carpenter 158 Steel, Shot Peened,each and every bolt is HPT per MIL-C-70599A and MPI per MIL-l-6868, Marked HP MP
Extractor – Upgraded 4340 Tool Steel (vs typical 4140, milspec allows for either per original TDP PAGE 7), Shot Peened
Extractor Retaining Pin – S7 Tool Steel, Shot Peened
Extractor Spring – 5 Coil Cryogenic Processed A401 Chrome Silicone Wire Stock, Black Milspec Insert And Crane O-ring (comes assembled with spring and insert, o-ring included separately)
Ejector – S7 Tool Steel, Shot Peened
Ejector Spring – Cryogenic Processed A401 Chrome Silicone …Read the Rest

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