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By Justin Stakes

Howa Mini Action Rifle - Kryptek Highlander
Howa Mini Action Rifle – Kryptek Highlander
Legacy Sports
Legacy Sports International

Reno, NV -( Gene Lumsden, CEO of Legacy Sports International, Inc., is excited to announce the newest chambering of the Howa Mini Action rifle! Now available in .222 Remington.

The .222 Remington cartridge is a classic varmint cartridge with outstanding accuracy potential. This low recoil, flat shooting and very low ballistic coefficient cartridge paired with the precision of Howa barreled actions make this a target and varmint hunters dream.

The chamber and bolt of the new Mini Action are significantly shorter (approx. 12%) than regular short actions. This feature produces a shorter bolt throw for faster reloads and less weight for the overall gun. In fact, this rifle without scope weighs just 5.7 lbs. It also comes with 20” drawn barrel, three position safety and HACT two-stage trigger. A drawn barrel produces better accuracy than a forged barrel, because they are not extruded and stretched, and do not begin with billet stock.

Rather, they begin as extrusion tubes that are swaged, drawn and then roll leveled before cutting. Drawn barrels are also heat treated. This method produces less stress on the metallurgy and leads to a straighter barrel, …read more

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