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By Tom Knighton

The state motto for New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die.” It’s a sentiment that many of us who have never set foot in the state can share.

However, some state lawmakers–Democrats, unsurprisingly–seem to think living free means being restricted in what you can do, especially as it pertains to protecting yourself or your fellow man. That’s the only explanation for why the state’s reviving a measure that will allow school districts to ban guns on school property.

Following success at the ballot box in November, Democratic legislators are again proposing legislation to allow New Hampshire school districts to bar people from carrying firearms onto school grounds, after a similar effort last year failed to clear a Republican-controlled Senate.

The bill, House Bill 101, would amend state law so that school districts, school administrative units and public charter schools could adopt and enforce their own policies regulating guns and knives on campus.

Proponents say the measure would bring the Granite State into compliance with federal law and allow local officials to determine what works best in their districts. Some also argue that banning guns would make school buildings safer and creates a better learning environment.

However, opponents say the measure could remove …Read the Rest

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