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Springfield TRP Operator 10mm pistol right profile

Springfield TRP Operator 10mm pistol long slide right profile
Springfield TRP Operator 10mm pistol long slide left profile

It’s been teased since the beginning of the week, but now it’s official: Springfield Armory’s TRP Operator pistol is available in 10mm.

The gun is being offered in two different configurations, one with a five-inch barrel and a long-slide with a six-inch barrel. The TRP (Tactical Response Pistol) is based on the Professional Model that won the FBI’s HRT 1911 pistol contract. Up until now, the TRP Operator 1911s were only available in .45 ACP.

“We have offered 10mm 1911s from our Springfield Custom Shop for many years but this is the first production 10mm 1911 offering in the Springfield Armory lineup,” CEO Dennis Reese said in the presser. “The TRP 10mm is soft shooting, built for accuracy and takes advantage of the full potential of the hottest 10mm rounds, just as the cartridge was originally intended.”

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