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By gunwriter To me one of the appealing facets of Southern Grind is that they do not make 500 different knives. They’ve figured out how to make ideal knives for specific applications and each is splendid in its own right. You don’t have to look over hundreds of blades to find the right one for the job. If you need an everyday carry folder, there’s the Spider Monkey. If you need a field folder there’s the Bad Monkey. (You can even build your own!) Need a bushcraft-like, unbreakable blade? Select their Jackal. And, if you need a brush-cutting zombie chopping slasher, there’s the Gran-Daddy. Southern Grind has just introduced a few new blades for specific purposes and they also supported the recent Scout Rifle Conference at Gunsite Academy. In fact, they provided several knives for the prize table and a special engraved Jackal for the match winner. …Read the Rest

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