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By Dan Zimmerman

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TrackingPoint, makers of electronically enhanced, precision guided firearms is adding new capability to their line of rifles (press release follows). Their new night vision kit, which will fit most of their existing guns, will give you “gen2-like” see-in-the-dark capability. Of course, it won’t come cheap. But if you’ve laid out the cash for one of TrackingPoint’s guns, the night vision kit’s $2495 price tag may not sting that much . . .

Pflugerville, Texas (February 11, 2016) – TrackingPoint announced today its first night vision product for the company’s Precision-Guided Firearms (PGFs). The Night Vision Kit (NVK) is available for most fielded and future PGFs. The NVK provides Gen2 –like night vision performance. The kit is comprised of a software upgrade and high intensity Infrared (IR) Illuminator.

“Our customers have patiently waited for night vision capabilities,” said John McHale, TrackingPoint CEO. “Now they can make extraordinary shots in total darkness.” Later this year the company will announce additional night vision and thermal products for their Precision-Guided Firearms.

CMOS Sensor Technology

The Night Vision Kit enables the scope’s embedded infrared sensitive CMOS sensor to detect light not visible to the …Read the Rest

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