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By Jeremy S

Liberty Cosmic Internals

Liberty Suppressors pioneered the multicaliber, highly adaptable firearm muffler with the release of its Mystic model. I purchased a Mystic in 2012, which Liberty has since upgraded to the X flavor, and Nick owns a Mystic X as well. Considering the $200 Federal tax and the 3- to 9-month wait times for approval, more manufacturers are now responding to the market’s desire for a single suppressor that can be used on many firearms and many calibers. Though I’ve used my Mystic on 9mm pistols and rifles, 5.56, .300 BLK, .22 LR & WMR, I’m still unable to suppress calibers with a projectile diameter larger than 0.357 inches. Well, that’s about to change when the Form 4 for my new Liberty Cosmic is approved, at which point I’ll be able to suppress just about anything from .458 SOCOM on down. And the mounts I already own for the Mystic will work on the Cosmic. Sweet! Expect a review in 3 to 9 months. Liberty’s press release and a couple more photos follow. . .


The Cosmic

The Sky is the Limit! The ultimate in multicaliber
Over 60 Calibers for rifles …Read the Rest

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