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By Robert Farago

(courtesy ammoland,com)

You don’t seriously expect me to publish Leupold’s presser about their VX-3i scope with its Twilight Max Light Management System without making a vampire joke, do you? Does it make game sparkle in the sunlight? What do they want for it? Blood? OK, seriously, we’re now in a new age of “active optics.” For hunters who want to explore this brave new world, the embedded presentation on Leupold Light Management [after the jump] isn’t heavy reading. Suffice it say, learn to shoot with iron sights first, then go all optically operational. Because batteries and bashing about can lead to a blackout and you want that buck, ballistically . . .

Beaverton, OR -( With the recent launch of the Leupold VX-3i Riflescope, Leupold has introduced a whole new way to thinking about, designing and writing about optics.

Leupold changed the conversation from light “gathering” to light transmission, now the optics experts are changing the conversation to light management. Transmission is still a key component, but it’s not the only component.

The VX-3i is the scope that will have you hunting earlier and hunting longer than ever, all thanks to its new Twilight Max Light Management System. Light …Read the Rest

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