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By Jeremy S.


Hunter Electronic, “the leading provider of electronic products for hunters and shooters in the Nordic countries,” is working on expanding its presence in the US. At SHOT Show’s Range Day, they were showing off some new ear muffs, including the flagship SMART model seen here. I gotta say, they’re pretty dang slick . . .

The SMARTs are about as advanced as active electronic muffs get. They allow normal or amplified hearing of sounds under a certain dB threshold, and suppress louder noises. Hearing is stereo and directional, with separate volume control for each ear, so the wearer can actually detect where sounds are coming from. But this isn’t the advanced part.

The SMARTs can connect to a radio and/or mobile device via 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth 4.0. The retractable boom microphone actively cancels out background noise. Three AAA batteries will stream music for at least 50 hours or run active noise cancelling alone for at least 180 hours. Rechargeable batteries can be used as well, and a mini-USB port allows for charging them while still installed in the headset.

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