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By Dan Zimmerman


FNH USA makes some of the most-loved and most-used military grade firearms in the world. And now you can own one yourself. The US arm of Belgium-based FN Herstal has announced their new FM Military Collector Series military grade rifles. The first three they’re making available: the M4, the M16 and the FN M249S SAW. Here’s their press release . . .

(McLean, VA – November 11, 2015) FNH USA is excited to announce the launch of the FN Military Collector Series, a product line that will feature commercial variants of FN’s most iconic and historic military designs. The initial products to be featured in the series will be the FN 15™ Military Collector M4 and M16 as well as the semi-automatic FN M249S™, a replica of the fully-automatic M249 SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon in service with the U.S. Military since the 1980’s. Full product specifications are available in Figures 1-3, below.

“This new line of products allows us to showcase FN’s battle-proven legacy of producing firearms for militaries world-wide and passing this technology on to our commercial customers,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO for FN America. “We’re excited to …Read the Rest

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