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By Robert Farago

(courtesy Browning)

“A global leader in offering quality and innovative firearms, Browning now introduces a new, full-line of superior performance ammunition for hunting, personal defense and target shooting,” Browning’s presser proclaims. “The development of Browning Ammunition will provide millions of men and women, including new shooters and hunters across the world, with ‘The Best There Is.™’” Ah, but is it The Best A Man Can Get™? We’ll have to wait and see. This much we know . . .

Browning and Winchester developed this full line of ammunition products under the Browning brand, which will debut in January, 2016.

The Browning Ammunition portfolio includes popular ammunition offerings in rifle, shotgun, handgun and rimfire, featuring advanced technologies for hunters and shooters.

“It is a tremendous opportunity to partner with Winchester, the world’s leading manufacturer of ammunition for shooters and hunters,” said Hall.

Winchester is responsible for product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. The alliance connects world leaders in firearms and ammunition manufacturing, as well as legendary brands.

Aside from the logo and brand-faithful color scheme, what sets Browning ammo apart from, thinking out loud here, Winchester ammo? TTAG’s sent an email to their media guy. Meanwhile . . .

“An alliance with Browning allows us to drive strategic ammunition …read more

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