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By Nick Leghorn


The folks over at BLACKHAWK! have been manufacturing holsters, tactical clothing and gear for quite some time now. Good stuff, too. Their SERPA holsters — love ’em or hate ’em — are ubiquitous. Plastic and cloth have been the tools of their trade, but the latest items in BLACKHAWK!’s catalogue are made from something significantly more durable. Rolling out for 2016 is a full line of silencers including both pistol and rifle rated cans from .22LR up through .338 Lapua Magnum. My only question: Why? . . .

Cans would seem to be quite a reach for a brand extension. Here’s what BLACKHAWK! is offering:

  • “Pulse” rimfire .22LR
  • “Smoke Stack” 45ACP
  • “Mini Boss” 9mm
  • “Gas Can” 7.62mm
  • “Barrage” 5.56mm
  • “Carnivore” .300 Win Mag
  • “Wrath” .338 Lapua Magnum

That’s a pretty deep bench for a company that’s never made a silencer before.

The overall design is appealing. Every can is threaded for a modular mounting system, giving the end user the option to either thread in a Neilsen device for pistol use or a direct thread mount for rifles. The external tube has a cool pattern that will definitely be visually striking. On the inside the silencer looks pretty much like every other can in the world, …Read the Rest

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