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By Patrick Roberts

U.S.A.-( If you guys are clambering for innovation, look no further than the new FN 509 Tactical. While it might look like a standard 509 with a red dot stuck on it at first glance there is more than meets the eye when you start paying closer attention features that seem mundane.

Those seemingly mundane details make the FN 509 Tactical almost the perfect pistol off the shelf.

Author’s note: All of the photos will be reposted at the bottom of the article so you can see everything you might be curious about.

The FN 509 Tactical


If you aren’t aware, the first gun to offer a plate system (think MOS) was the FN FNX 45 Tactical. It allowed the end user to adapt the milled slot to a number of different micro red dots giving never before seen flexibility. The thing was, FN never patented the technology and everyone that made a gun that it would work on started to offer MOS style guns.

FN has kicked it up a notch by improving the FN optics mounting system. Now the screws go straight into the slide and don’t need Loctite! They accomplished this …Read the Rest

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