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By Chris Eger

The number of NFA items on the books have never been higher, led by aggressive growth in SBRs and suppressors. (Photo: SureFire)
National Firearm Act items saw a huge jump — including a 50 percent increase in suppressor registration and 39 percent bump in short-barreled rifles registered — according to new data released by federal regulators.
The information comes from the latest Firearms Commerce Report, which also contains information about domestic firearms manufacturing, as well as the importation and exportation of firearms.
The report provides an overview of the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, which is the federal list of all items, such as suppressors, SBRs, short-barreled shotguns, destructive devices and any other weapons logged under the NFA as of April, and updates figures released in February 2016.
In the 14-month period between reports, the total number of NFA items of all kinds has climbed to 5,203,489 — an overall increase of more than 800,000 items.

While the numbers of AOW’s, machine guns and SBSs all saw negligible increases, the biggest jumps in the 14-month interlude came in the numbers of registered SBRs and suppressors.
“Part of the rise in SBRs can likely be traced to the rise in suppressor ownership, building or buying an


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