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There's Only One You By Ryan CleckneThere's Only One You By Ryan Cleckner

Children’s Firearm Safety: Does not having guns in your home guarantee that your child will never encounter one?

There’s Only One You By Ryan Cleckner

Nashville, Tennessee – -(Children must learn how to respond around firearms, but real firearm safety starts with adults.

Ignoring the need for firearm safety won’t make it go away and it’s your responsibility to educate your children, nobody else will. One common mistake is not teaching your kids anything about firearm safety because you keep all firearms secured away from children (you should), or your home does not have firearms. You never know where your kids will be when they encounter one.

There’s Only One You

There’s Only One You is not a pro or anti-gun book, but instead a book intended to be a fun read for young children and their parents, with general reminders about accidents and safety, and a message snuck in at the end about the importance of gun safety.

“When your child is old enough to be warned of a hot stove, they’re old enough to be warned to not touch firearms.” Ryan Cleckner

Ryan is a husband and a father; his inspirations for the book. He’s also a nationally recognized firearms expert …Read the Rest

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