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By Jacki Billings

Blackwater Ammunition will offer an array of ammunition, from handgun rounds to rifle rounds. (Photo: Blackwater Ammunition)
The new Blackwater ammunition line created by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and gun and ammo designer Nicola Bandid made its debut at the international ammunition, guns and hunting exhibition IWA in Germany this month.
Offering a line of centerfire metallic calibers, Blackwater Ammunition is set to bring a bevy of loads from 9 Luger to .45 ACP in handgun rounds to .223 REM, .308 WIN and .50BMG. The ammunition company is also looking to provide proprietary calibers for military and law enforcement use, though no specific details have been offered as of yet.
A look at what rounds the company will offer. (Photo: Blackwater Ammunition)
Blackwater Ammunition says even more calibers are on the horizon, though consumers will have to  wait until 2019 to see more rounds introduced.
Though Blackwater Ammunition is an offshoot of parent company PBM Limited, it’s creators say the venture stands on its own legs.
“PBM and Blackwater Ammunition are launched as a new, solid and well experienced industrial venture and not as a cosmetic operation” Nicola Bandini, a founding member and CEO of the company, said in a press release. “In other words, we


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