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By Chris Eger

Popular bills to protect carry rights and partially deregulate suppressors have been refiled. (Photos: Smith & Wesson/SilencerCo)
With the 116th Congress kicking off this week, two pro-gun bills have been reintroduced by Republicans.
North Carolina Republican U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson on Thursday refiled his proposal to sidestep the patchwork of concealed carry reciprocity laws and agreements between states.
“Concealed carry reciprocity is already well-established across our country with the average state recognizing permits from more than 30 other states,” said Hudson on Thursday in a statement. “National concealed carry reciprocity is common sense, and I’ll continue to lead the efforts to make it a reality.”
Hudson’s legislation allows law-abiding citizens to carry concealed only if they are not federally prohibited from possessing a firearm, are carrying a valid government-issued photo ID, and are lawfully licensed or entitled to carry a concealed handgun. As such it would circumvent the complex series of state and territorial reciprocity agreements that vary from one area to another, sometimes even within the same states. An improvement from the 2015 proposal that failed to move on Capitol Hill, it also provides protections for residents of a dozen or more constitutional carry states as they travel.
During the last session, Hudson’s proposal,


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