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By Chris Eger

The first Democrat to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate in over two decades made gun politics the topic of his inaugural floor speech.
U.S. Sen. Doug Jones gave gun control advocates something to cheer for on Wednesday when he took the podium on Capitol Hill and hit most of the contemporary high points in the nation’s current conversation on firearm regulation.
Jones, who eked out a narrow 50 percent victory in his race against a controversial former Alabama Supreme Court judge last December, is filling Jeff Session’s seat, vacated when that Alabama Republican moved on to become President Trump’s attorney general, and made clear he is the polar opposite of Sessions when it came to gun control.
Starting off by giving an emotional nod to those he encountered while a Congressional staffer in the building in 1979, his family, and the late Howell Heflin — the last Dem from Heart of Dixie in the chamber, Jones settled in and moved to the meat of his speech.
“Growing up in Alabama, I learned to shoot from my father and grandfather,” he said, prefacing his Second Amendment credentials, elaborating that he was an avid hunter and collector. “But frankly, I also enjoy guns. I enjoy


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