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By Christen Smith

Nevada lawmakers mulled over an amendment last week exempting parking lots from a proposal allowing libraries to ban firearms outright.
The Assembly Judiciary Committee considered the new language for Senate Bill 115 during a meeting Tuesday where gun rights advocates pressed lawmakers to reconsider the proposal entirely, citing an infringement on the Second Amendment and the state’s preemption law.
Specifically, the bill gives the state’s 86 public libraries the authority to create weapons policies banning both concealed and openly carried firearms — the latter of which isn’t criminalized under state law. Currently, only schools, colleges and day cares can enact gun regulations stricter than existing statute, per Senate Bill 175 of 2015.
Las Vegas Democratic Sen. Mo Denis, who sponsored SB 115 in February with Assemblywoman Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, D-Las Vegas, said libraries are “extensions of the education establishment” and shouldn’t receive different treatment when it comes to weapons policies.
“I brought it because I felt they were left off the original bill two years ago,” Denis said in March. “This gives the library the opportunity to do whatever they want. They’ve been gun free for 100 years so to say now that it will change anything, I don’t see it.”
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