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By Lee Williams

Pat Mullins disappeared in 2013 while testing a boat motor. His body was found nine days later in four feet of water, tied to a boat anchor. He had been killed by a shotgun blast to the side of his head, which was fired from a distance. (Photo courtesy Jill Mullins).by Lee WilliamsPat Mullins near headless body was found partially submerged in the Gulf of Mexico, tied tightly to a 25-pound boat anchor. He had been shot in the side of the head with a shotgun. The fatal wound was fired from a short distance, and forensic experts couldn’t rule out that he hadn’t been shot multiple times. Mullins was in good health, was financially secure, had a loving family and never even owned a shotgun. But despite all of this and even more evidence of murder, Manatee County Sheriff’s Detective Darryl Davis somehow concluded Mullins killed himself. It was the rookie detective’s first solo death investigation.Since his 2013 death, Mullins’ widow, two sons and hundreds of friends have never accepted that the popular 52-year-old high school librarian killed himself — far from it. He was just months away from celebrating his retirement and his 30th wedding anniversary and had

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