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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsIn their latest hit piece about an inanimate object, NBC News once again ignores facts, common sense and takes frequent liberties with the truth.The story, which was somehow labeled news rather than opinion, was published Sunday, titled: “What makes the AR-15 so beloved and so reviled: A rifle with military origins has become one of the country’s most divisive consumer products.”For the two reporters, problems began from the start. The headline is misleading — the military origins bit. Even the Poynter Institute, a journalism thinktank infamous for its anti-gun stories and its liberal and laughable PolitiFact website, takes issue with this claim.In a story published last year, Poynter tracked the origins on the AR-15 and found it was “first developed in the 1950s for civilian use.”Poynter understands that today’s civilian semi-automatic AR has never been a military rifle. Eugene Stoner’s original AR-15 prototype, which later became the M16, was a select-fire weapon. The civilian version has always been semi-automatic. Thus, it was never designed for battle. It was designed for the civilian marketplace. No military has issued a semi-auto AR to their troops.Gaslighting In their story, NBC News gaslights its readers about the effectiveness of the Bill Clinton’s

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