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By Chris Eger

The Koppelschloßpistole (belt castle pistol) looks like any old ‘Nassi belt buckle on the outside… (Photos: RIA)
A rarely encountered belt buckle pistol has surfaced and is featured at Rock Island’s June Regional Auction this month.
Going to the gavel on June 23 is a Louis Marquis-pattern Nazi belt gun which, under its tilting front plate adorned with the traditional Reichsadler (eagle atop swastika) holds four rotating 22LR barrels attached to four triggers. Rock Island’s description doesn’t contain much background information other than the piece in working condition, has about two-thirds of its finish, and is marked with “RVA (eagle) 44H3” on the underside.
…but it holds the capability to fire a quartet of .22LR rounds on the inside. The triggers are to the right, the barrels, rotated outward to a firing position, to the left.
The curio is estimated to bring $3,000-$6000, which may be conservative.
The history of these “Koppelschloßpistole” (belt buckle pistols), as noted by gun value guru S.P. Fjestad (the “Blue Book” guy) can be traced back to the aforementioned Louis Marquis, who came up with the idea while in a World War I prisoner of war camp.  He patented the design in 1934 and offered it for sale commercially.
Apparently, Marquis


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