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By Guns ‘n’ Freedom

navy staging active shooter drills at bases

Navy bases across the country will be participating in a 2 week long active shooter training simulation, designed to both save lives and be better prepared for these events.

As one Navy spokesperson said in the video, “Hope is not a course of action.”

As much as President Obama would like us all to just wish and hope for evil men with ill-intent not to exist, it’s still a good guy with a gun that stops active shooters.

According to,

The exercise, Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield 2016 (SC/CS16), will run through Feb. 12 and will test base police, fire and emergency management on how they respond to threats of active shooters and potential terrorists including role-playing on installation buildings with safe or simulated weapons to get a grip on how a more serious event could take place.

Navy officials cite past instances of attacks on installations stateside as a guide on what to be prepared for.

Last July, a terror attack by a gunman at two Navy installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee left four Marines and one Navy Sailor dead and an additional Marine and police officer wounded.

“Recent active shooter events that we’ve had in the United States had some influence increasing the type of training for …Read the Rest

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