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By Dan Zimmerman


TTAG Reader Mr. B. writes:

I’m an inherently optimistic individual. I always look on the bright side of situations, and I tend to dismiss the naysayers and pessimists. My wife even gets annoyed by it sometimes and my students can’t believe how happy and cheerful I am on Mondays when I tell them, “This is going to be a great week, just wait and see!” So when the North Dakota Attorney General’s website says that it may take up to 60 days to process my concealed weapon license application, I actually believed they could get it done early . . .

This wasn’t my first time applying for a concealed carry permit. I grew up in North Dakota and received my first permit in 2009, when the state still only had a single-tier carry permit. To get my permit I had to fill out an application, get my fingerprints taken, complete a 10-question, open book test, and send it all in with a fee of $60. Easy enough, right? My permit arrived in three weeks. The whole process was simple and fast enough for a gun-friendly state like North Dakota. Gun laws in general are better in North Dakota …Read the Rest

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