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By James Rummel

I’ve done my fair share of backwoods backpacking in my youth. I didn’t exactly go where no man has gone before, but I did walk without fear where it would have probably taken a few months for someone to stumble across my remains if I had broken a leg.

Let me just say that people who have never been out in the wild are fucking stupid when it comes to the animals who live there. Case in point is this story from a few years ago of a woman who was badly injured during a wild pig attack while walking her dogs in a suburban neighborhood. And how did these notoriously wary beasts lose their natural fear of man? Because the neighbors were feeding the hogs, probably because they thought they were just so cute and cuddly.

Like I said, fucking stupid.

Got dogs? I do! Love em’ to death! Mainly because they love me back.

They are both about 50 pounds (22 kilos). Not small, no. Even so, I go out with them every single time I let them into the yard to water the bushes. Why? …Read the Rest

Source:: Hell In a Handbasket

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