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By John Crump

National Stand for Your Rights 2nd Amendment Rally
National Stand for Your Rights 2nd Amendment Rally

U.S.A.-( Last month, Gun control advocates marched in DC for the “March for Our Lives.” Millionaire actors, billionaire talk show host, and gun control groups funded this event, claiming it was about children’s lives and further lied by saying it was student organized.

The Democratic party’s pawns, like David Hogg, were pushed out on stage to repeat talking points from anti-gun groups. Leftist politicians like Chuck Schumer, gave speeches to play to their base and push a false narrative. Television networks fawned over the march pretending like it was a non-partisan event.

Now one group is taking on the idea that every American wants gun control. They are pushing back against the anti-gun groups that use kids to try to deflect criticism for their indefensible stance.

That group is the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans (NCCPA), and it is hosting pro-Second Amendment rallies called “Americans for America.”

On April 14th 2018 gun rights advocates will take to state capitals across the country to let their state governments hear their voices.

The NCCPA is a coalition of over 100 of the most prominent patriot groups in the country. These groups include 3% groups, militias, and …Read the Rest

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