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By Brandon Curtis

By Johannes Paulsen via The Truth About Guns

Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC) issued a press release yesterday about his Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 38), apparently responding to criticism that it would override state gun control laws. Mr. Hudson said:

[S]tate and local laws would still dictate where law-abiding citizens can and can’t carry a concealed firearm. That means if these mayors want to control where people can carry in their municipalities, then they’re free to do that.

Does this mean the bill would allow (for instance) New York City to simply create a bunch of no-go zones that would effectively bar concealed carry by the citizenry? Or is Rep. Hudson just “practicing politics” in the sense of the waitress in that old Billy Joel video?

As I said when Mr. Hudson introduced his bill in January, its language was very particular about existing state laws. It says:

This section shall not be construed to supersede or limit the laws of any State that—

(1) permit private persons or entities to prohibit or restrict the possession of concealed firearms on their property; or

(2) prohibit or restrict the possession of firearms on any …Read the Rest

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