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By Robert Farago


“After the United States, Canada is one of the largest owners of private guns in the developed world,” Canada’s National Post reports. “There’s about 31 guns for every 100 people, putting Canada in 12th place worldwide — and only three guns short of the rate of firearm ownership in war-torn Iraq.” Uh, good for them! “But compared to our American neighbours, Canadians are disproportionately skilled at keeping these guns from killing people.” Wait. What? Click here or on the image above for the video explanation. And the answer is . . .

“Pistols . . . come with their own strict set of rules. So there’s no Canadians stashing them in their purses or glove compartments . . . But perhaps most importantly Canadians generally don’t see guns as weapons . . . No more than five percent of Canadian gun owners say they keep a firearms around for protection. In the U.S., the rate is 60 percent. It’s a different gun culture around here.”

There’s a really stupid bit about open carrying long guns. More importantly, there’s no mention of the crucial differences in demographics separating The Land of the Free from our neighbors to …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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