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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Sick Dear Chronic Wasting Disease
Sick Dear Chronic Wasting Disease

U.S.A.-( National Deer Alliance (NDA) president and CEO Nick Pinizzotto recently discussed the social science behind chronic wasting disease (CWD) management at two national wildlife management conferences. Pinizzotto presented his talk, “Biology vs Sociology: The Paradox of Chronic Wasting Disease,” at the Southeast Deer Study Group meeting in Auburn, Alabama on February 24, and at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, on March 12.

The talks focused on people management with respect to the disease. Pinizzotto emphasized that people, and hunters specifically, are the real key to beating CWD. He noted that hunters are the best tools wildlife managers have available, and that disease management input and buy-in from hunters is crucial to the fight against CWD.

“Right now the CWD battle is with the people,” Pinizzotto said during one talk. “To have any chance of success, we need to engage hunters and win their trust. It won’t be easy. We’ll always have naysayers, those who tell people only what they want to hear. But they won’t solve this problem. Yes, we have biology on our side, but that doesn’t matter if we don’t win the people …Read the Rest

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