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By Bob Owens

We now know that the man who murdered two women and wounded nine others before committing suicide in a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater acquired his .40 Smith and Wesson Hi-Point handgun at a gun shop in neighboring Alabama.

Polly Mosendz of Newsweek was one of those attempting to claim that the murderer* bought his gun legally.

The gunman, J___ R______ H_____, turned the gun on himself after the mass shooting. Despite a history of mental illness and crime, H_____ was able to purchase the handgun he used in the shooting legally in the state of Alabama. His criminal record included charges of arson, domestic violence and stalking, and thus gun control activists argue H_____ should not have had access to a gun. Indeed, his wife once hid H_____’s guns.

“Legally” must mean something different at Newsweek than it does in the rest of the world, where the murderer clearly committed a felony when he lied in his ATF form 4473.

Question 11. f. concludes:

Have you ever been committed to a mental institution?

The murderer lied in answering this question, which is a federal crime.

He was committed involuntarily to a mental institution in 2008, as the Associated Press notes.

Court records reviewed …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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