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By Jason Reid

New Archery Products Corp
New Archery Products Corp

Forest Park, IL- New Archery Products, the industry leader in broadheads and archery accessories, introduces the New Spitfire DoubleCross broadhead that delivers three devastating inches of cutting trauma.

The American-made Spitfire DoubleCross is a 100-grain broadhead that integrates four, no-fail blades with two-stage blade deployment. Spitfire’s bulletproof design keeps the blades closed in flight and only open on impact, no matter how fast the arrow is traveling. The front deploying “stage one” main blades boast a massive 1-7/8” cutting diameter while the rear deploying “stage two” ‘bleeder’ blades feature a 1-1/18” cutting diameter. The DoubleCross cuts vertically and horizontally, regardless of the angle of impact, delivering better entrance and exit wound channels and increased blood trails. The trophy tip delivers bone-splitting penetration.

Spitfire DoubleCross_Closed
Four, no-fail blades with two-stage blade deployment.

The Spitfire DoubleCross is designed with high quality components to withstand impact and deliver maximum penetration and greater pass-through performance. These durable broadheads are approved for use with the fastest bows and crossbows on the market and are flight-tested for field point accuracy.

Spitfire DoubleCross Specs:
· 100 Grains multi-mechanical
· Two-stage blade deployment
· Front deploy main blades and rear deploy bleeder blades- all in …Read the Rest

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