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By James England

MARION COUNTY, FLORIDA — When a woman heard a knock on her kitchen window, she likely never anticipated it would be the former owner of the house returned. She didn’t recognize the man and told him to leave. That’s when he decided to break in through her front door. She retreated to her bedroom closet, retrieved her .22 handgun and sheltered in place. The man pursued her and once reaching the bedroom, removed his own sodden shorts before advancing towards the bedroom closet. She shot him once in the stomach and he laid cowering in his own feces until police arrived.

WFTV 9 confirmed that the man had lived at the residence for 12 years but there’s still no word on why he showed up again, why his shorts were loaded with defecation, and what inspired this dramatic break-in. One thing we can all be grateful for is that the woman armed herself.

If he had a hard time holding onto his feces before, it’s only get worse because he took a bullet to the gastrointestinal tract. The wound is non-life threatening but we don’t envy the EMTs and police officers that had to handle a poo-covered intruder with a …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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