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By Bob Owens

North Carolina’s anti-gun Democrats are depressed (and their media allies are subdued) because House Bill 562 (PDF) is on the way to Governor Pat McCrory’s desk, where it will be signed with a tepid hand.

The state Senate kept the status quo Monday night by passing a compromised House version of a hot-topic gun bill, and it will now be sent to the governor.

There has been unanimity among advocates on all sides as the Senate took up the bill. They only asked that lawmakers pass the compromised bill without additional changes.

Sen. Jeff Tarte, a Cornelius Republican, introduced the bill on the floor saying while he understood some wouldn’t be able to vote for it, he asked that no amendments be put forward.

“It is not a stand alone bill in and of itself,” he said. “The primary purpose is to standardize and unify statutes. It clarifies who can use certain guns and in which instances,” Tarte said.

With a 40-9 vote, even some lawmakers who wouldn’t typically be in favor of some provisions of House Bill 562 decided it was a good compromise.

Don’t get me wrong; there is a lot to like in HB 562, including forcing recalcitrant sheriffs …read more

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