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The mystery surrounding a dead man and his arsenal of firearms deepened Tuesday as officers continued removing roughly two tons of ammunition and expensive gun equipment from a Pacific Palisades home.

By noon Tuesday, investigators finished clearing out the last of the ammunition from his garage on Palisades Drive. Coroner’s investigators said the man has not been identified.

Wooden planks where officers organized thousands of dollars’ worth of guns were empty, but piles of cardboard boxes filled with expensive rifle scopes worth $3,000 to $4,000 each and books on hunting, guns and shooting remained stacked in the packed garage.

The scene Tuesday was far different from what police discovered.

Los Angeles police went to the man’s home last week after finding his decomposing body in a car parked down the street from the home.

Inside the home, investigators found more than 1,200 firearms ranging from high-end pistols to shotguns and rifles. Many had never been fired. Some were still wrapped in their boxes, with the price tags still attached.

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