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By gunwriter I’m not one who blindly follows a brand just to be loyal. I like things that work and use them regardless of the logo they carry or where they were made. That being said, I do prefer American made products and I’m partial to products that come from one-man or small operations. I like to support small businesses, especially those that give back. As much as I’m brand blind, an exception is my infatuation with Southern Grind knives. After almost 20 years of outdoor and gun writing I have a drawer full of sharp things. There are some very good blades in that drawer but most of them have lived out their existence there. They’re nice, but just don’t fit my needs. From the time a friend handed me my first Southern Grind knife, I knew I had something special. Since then I’ve procured all of their blades and they see serious and frequent use. No, they’re not inexpensive but good things never are. Southern Grind’s GranDaddy is best described as a machete. Its blade is almost 12 inches long and is cut from a 30 inch saw blade and can be bent at a 90 degree angle without …Read the Rest

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