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By Gregory Smith

One of my misguided old friends from high school posted this on her Facebook, I’m hiding her name out of respect:

“I’m sorry friends, I really wanted to stay away from politics, but at this point I am really scared! I am scared for the future of my children. I read from some friends and family how they dislike her, but is he really your choice???!!! You want to have a leader that rules through fear and hate???? One with no desire to work for the country but just for the nice ring the word President will have by his name???? One that will bring the little steps we’ve taken in regards to equality all back???
I’m not going to engage in arguments with any of you. I just hope my little rant just makes you think twice. Don’t let hate rule!”
Jane Doestein (fake name)

You want more Muslim refugees in America? Vote for Hillary.
You want a candidate that wants white people to humble themselves? Vote for Hillary.

“As I [Hillary] said in Harlem the other day, ending systemic racism requires contributions from all of us — especially those of us who haven’t experienced it ourselves,” Mrs. Clinton wrote. “White …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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