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By Brandon Curtis

It was a long time coming. Growing up in New York, it’s all I knew. Sure I’ve traveled and explored different areas, but New York was my home.

I’ll take you back to 2013 when I first started Concealed Nation. Still in New York, I didn’t think twice about starting a firearms-related website. Then, I wanted to start doing reviews and figured I’d need my Federal Firearms License (FFL). This part was easy, but the state’s extra requirements were… what’s the word… Oh yea, ridiculous.

To deal in handguns, I was required to have a separate New York State Dealers License. Why? Because the state is a PITA. Nearly everywhere else in the Country, you’re covered with the FFL alone.

So, the license was obtained and I could now receive handguns to review. But wait. Not so fast. If I wanted to stay legal, I couldn’t bring any of them to the range.

In New York State, you need to have each handgun you own on your permit. No if, and’s or buts. But what about the dealer licenses? They don’t matter when it comes to leaving the property that the FFL is under. ANY handgun under the FFL, in New York State, has …Read the Rest

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