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By Chase Welch

My Every Day Carry is built around a Glock 19 with a number of aftermarket accessories. While the other items I carry are far more likely to be used on a daily basis, everything I carry and where I carry it are designed to allow me to get to my gun as quickly as I can and from as many positions as possible. To that end, I carry with my gun in front, appendix, under my concealment garment, along with an extra 17-round Magpul magazine.
In my right pocket, I carry a Tenacious G-10 black folder from Spyderco in my right pocket on a clip. I do this because I am right handed and most proficient using a blade with my right hand. I also carry my wallet, an RFID shielded jobbie from Celtic Shield and some lip balm.
In my left pocket, I carry my Inforce TFx 700 lumen flashlight on a pocket clip, and I keep a light on my left because that is the hand I would hold a light with when shooting a pistol in low light conditions. I also keep two Tool Logic survival cards in my left pocket as they’d be useful for less than ideal


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