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By Ammoland

Food Plot Blind For Deer
Food Plot Blind For Deer
Glen Wunderlich

Lansing, Michigan – -( Creating and planting wildlife food plots over the years has been a learning and rewarding experience.

In most cases, the plots have been from less than an acre to multiple acres, allowing the use of my trusty 1948 Ford 8N tractor.

While some may consider the little tractor under-powered – and, it certainly would be for larger work – it’s what I have.

It has just enough horsepower, utilizing half of Henry Ford’s V8, to pull a 6-foot disk harrow under most conditions and has done an admirable job. However, creating a new plot site, much too remote and small such as this, would mean even the diminutive tractor would be too much.

The project actually began years ago, when I decided a tiny knob overlooking a swamp would be the perfect location for a secluded hunting hideout. The challenge was complicated by the fact that an old truck frame, complete with wheels and flat, dry rotted tires was discarded precisely on top of the tiny hill. Since it had been left there for so long, woody shrubs, vines, and trees had proliferated the area.

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